Mares Power Plana Fins

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Brand: Mares

Product Description

Power Plana
The Mares tech fin

The Power Plana is the ideal fin for the tech diver. Made of nearly indestructible natural rubber, this high performing fin is ideal for all kinds of kicks. The high density material makes the fin negatively buoyant, a desired feature when using a dry suit and a tech rig with steel plate. The patented bungee strap is the best solution for both comfort during the dive and donning / doffing. Unlike competitors’ fins, the Mares rubber fin offers a full-shape foot pocket.

Do you like it industrial and heavy? If so, you should take a closer look at the newest fin coming out of Mares' creative department. With the Power Plana the global leader in fins, now offers the best engine for tech deployments.

Weighing a total of 6.2 pounds per pair, the new Mares fin is a true heavyweight. If you are looking for a lightweight fin to reduce your luggage you should take a look at the X-Stream fin instead – for this ultra-light traveler weighs only half as much. The new Power Plana may be heavy in design, but is certainly suited for special tasks. Drysuit diving, technical conditions, occupational, municipality, or just plain tough diving is the name of the game. Heavy, robust fins are by far the engine of choice where specific dive challenges are met. "Back to the roots!" is the motto where rubber is used once again. The Power Plana is constructed from 100% natural rubber (modified caoutchouc). Not only is this material quite a bit heavier than modern fin materials, it is also virtually indestructible and significantly more flexible than conventional rubber. One major problem of many rubber fins was and is their low effectiveness and efficiency. In contrast to the Power Plana, they simply lack the channel effect necessary for efficient propulsion. Combined with their substantial weight and low efficiency, heavy rubber fins tend to lead towards premature muscle fatigue – contributing to one of the reasons why this type of fin virtually disappeared from the shelves in the early 90s. The Power Plana is the first fin made of rubber boasting a channel effect. Remember: This dynamic effect made the Quattro fin – the best-selling fin – famous worldwide. Instead of lamellae the Power Plana has two grooves, which give the entire blade a channel-like curvature at every finning stroke, ensuring that the displaced water is pushed off the back of the blade in the opposite direction of the diver. As a result of this dynamic principle, the water is displaced off the fin in the correct direction guaranteeing efficiency and that ultimate propulsion is achieved. A fins efficiency loss is often caused by water spilling over the sides or through impractical slits in the blade – as is often experienced from conventional rubber fins – this effect is noticeably and measurably eliminated in the Power Plana. The on-site fin testing facility delivers impressive statistical and analytical data as proof!

Something else should be mentioned: The “full-shaped” foot pocket offers the feel-good factor of the anatomically formed foot pocket Mares fins are known for (in contrast to conventional rubber fins with half foot pockets). Eliminated are the painful pinches, sloppy fit, or loss of efficiency as a result of a poorly designed pocket. From a functional standpoint, the interface of the foot pocket and rubber bungee straps act in perfect concert on each thrust. The result: Every type of kick stroke is possible and effective.


  • Bungee strap
  • Full shape foot pocket
  • Made in natural rubber
  • Negative buoyancy


Code: 410007
Material: Natural rubber
Blade: 10.8" (size R)
Weight: 2.9lb (size R)
Blade Thrust Area:

93in² (size R)



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