Mares Mask Pocket - XR Line

$24.95 $30.00

Brand: Mares

Product Description

    ■ 1200D “bulletproof” ballistic nylon
    ■ 600D polyester web grid
    ■ Large and expandable
    ■ Inner reinforcement in black polyurethane
    ■ 1 oversized clip
    ■ Long nylon strap allowing full pocket expansion
    ■ 1 large nylon loop to slide over harness belt
    ■ Unparalleled versatility due to its modular nature
    ■ A highly technical rig for those trained to push limits
    ■ Can also be scaled down to make a travel friendly set up suitable for any diver
    ■ Designed to complement the XR range
    ■ Can be attached to your XR harness or any other
    1200D “bulletproof” Ballistic