Mares Kaila SLS BCD

$559.95 $630.00

Brand: Mares

Product Description

    ■ Superbly comfortable and stable yet tough and durable
    ■ Aircell slides on shoulders for increased comfort when inflated
    ■ Position of the corrugated hose retaining epaulette can be adjusted
    ■ High lift aircell with “Dragon” winglets
    ■ Smart trim weight positioning
    ■ SLS weight system
    ■ 50mm swivel buckles
    ■ High capacity cargo pockets with stretch panels
    ■ Adjustable cummerbund
    ■ Visual confirmation of proper weight pouch insertion
    ■ Personalizable label on weight pockets
    180N (Size M) 
    Cordura 420 
    5 x Stainless Steel D-rings 
    Weight (g)
    4.4kg (Size M)