Henderson Thermoprene Women's 3mm Back Zip Shorty Wetsuit


Brand: Henderson

Product Description

Lycra® Trim
Gbs-Glued & Blindstitched Seams
Adjustable Collar
Back Zip
Spinepad/Zipper Seal

Tired of lugging your all-purpose, full-length wetsuit on tropical dive trips? Reduce the bulk and still get the warmth you need with this high-quality shorty. Compression resistant neoprene retains body heat dive after dive and comes in a physique-enhancing cut that fits great. Thermoprene also delivers more stretch than regular wetsuit material, so this back-zip suit dons quickly and comfortably.

Black suit available in sizes 4-14

Yellow suit available in sizes 4-14

Lavender suit available in sizes 4-24