Henderson Aqualock Men's 7mm Backzip Jumpsuit


Brand: Henderson

Product Description

  • Interlocking wrist, ankle and neck openings
  • Liquid Taped Aqua Loc® Seams
  • Double Glued & Blind Stitched
  • Double Locking Wrist and Ankle Zipper Cuffs (5mm & 7mm only)
  • Golden Micro Fleece Lining
  • Aquasilk® Exterior Laminate
  • PK® G-Lock water resistant zipper
  • Duratex Knee Pads
  • Adjustable Collar
Henderson is proud to introduce the Aqua Lock® wetsuit system.
This revolutionary wetsuit system design is the first of its kind to
offer interlocking wetsuit wrist, ankles and neck openings which
are designed specifically to mate with interlocking Aqua Lock®
hoods, boots and gloves to form a nearly impenetrable seal which
minimizes cold water entry into the Aqua Lock® ensemble

The Aqua Lock® System begins with the core jumpsuit.
One of the most notable visual feature on the suit is the
Liquid tape Aqua Lock® seams. Every seam on the suits is
first double glued and blind stitched inside and out. Then
the outer seam is coated with a special waterproof Aqua
Lock® liquid tape barrier which seals the seam from water
entry and also helps protect the stitching from damage
and unraveling.

The 5mm and 7mm core jumpsuits offer special Aqua Loc®
wrist and ankle cuffs which have been designed to mate
with specially designed Aqua Lock® Boots, Gloves and
Hood. The Aqua Lock® cuffs feature a soft and ultra stretchy
Skin neoprene inner lining which mates to specially
designed silicone seals inside the boots and gloves. (see
Boot and Glove detail below) 3mm Suits also mate with
Aqua Lock® accessories but the double locking wrist and
ankles have been removed since they are not required
in warmer water temps where 3mm suits are commonly

The interior of all the core jumpsuits are lined with a
Golden micro fleece lining which dries quickly and feels
luxurious against the skin. The Aqua Lock® suit exterior
features Henderson’s renowned Aquasilk laminate.
Rear zipper entry assures easy use while the PK G-lock
water resistant zipper eliminates unpleasant cold water
exchange in the spine and lumbar area. Soft, flexible
and extremely durable Duratex knee pads complete the

Henderson’s new Aqua Lock® wetsuit system will certainly be
a first choice by Divers who demand warmth, performance
and comfort on all their dive adventures.