Bigblue Dive Lights TL18000P


Product Description

EIGHTEEN THOUSAND LUMENS! This light is our most powerful narrow beam technical light ever introduced. The light is full of great features including: 1) 4 levels of brightness and an SOS feature all controlled by a reliable push button switch. 2) The push button lights up with a Blue/Green/Red/Flashing Red color indicating the battery level for the user to monitor throughout their dive 3) A self-contained Lithium Ion Battery pack with a protection circuit is self-contained and easily removable and replaced with a fully charged battery 4) A sturdy aluminum goodman handle and an ergonomic Lantern grip is provided standard for easy use in carrying the light both in and out of the water 5) a 14 LED cell design gives a stunning intensity of light.

Light Source: 14 X XML LED

Light Output: 1800 Lm (Level I), 4500 Lm (Level II), 9000 Lm (Level III), 18000 Lm (Level IV)

Casing Material: Aluminum alloy, anti-corrosive anodized

Power Source: BATCELL15K Li Ion Rechargeable battery pack

Safety Designs: Double o-ring sealed

Angle Of Light Beam: 10º Narrow Beam

Color Temperature: 6500K

Available Colors: Black

Burn Time: 3 hrs (Level IV), 6 hrs ( Level III), 12 hrs (Level II), 30 hrs (Level I)

Maximum Depth: 100 M tested

Size: Dia. 124 X L 174.5 mm

Weight: 2465 g (Including Battery)

Bouyancy: -880 g (Including Battery)

Switching System: Push button with battery indicator

Front Glass: Tempered optical glass

Lantern Handles: Yes

Package Weight Lbs: 9

Sku: TL18000P