Aqua Lung AquaFlex Mens 3mm Jumpsuit


Brand: Aqua Lung

Product Description

The AquaFlex Jumpsuit line was developed for bodies in motion and comes in three different thicknesses (3mm, 5mm, 7mm). The suits are made with AquaFlex neoprene, the greatest wet suit innovation to come along in many years. AquaFlex neoprene has three times the stretch of standard neoprene, which makes the suits easy to get on and off and conform to your body shape. By using the AquaFlex neoprene, Aqua Lung has been able to eliminate the need for ankle or wrist zippers due to the minimal restriction when donning or doffing your suit. This keeps the diver warmer, as zippers are one of the largest sources of water exchange and heat loss.

The wetsuit is designed to offer divers quality warmth and comfort while diving at deep depths. The dive gear available online at OceanBlue gives you quality and convenience when it comes to shopping for online scuba gear. 


Style Back-Zip Jump Suit
Thicknesses 7mm, 5mm or 3mm
Neoprene AquaFlex 4 Way Superstretch
Zipper Location Back
Zipper YKK #10
Wrist cuffs X-Tend cuff technology - 7mm & 5mm only / Spandex edge tape - 3mm model only
Ankle cuffs X-Tend cuff technology - 7mm & 5mm only / Spandex edge tape - 3mm model only
Knee pads Supratex
Neck Seal Skin-in
Seams Glued & blindstitched
Prebent legs and arms Yes
3-Way Zipper Seal Yes (7mm, 5mm only)
Spine Pad Yes (7mm, 5mm only)
Kidney Pad Yes (7mm, 5mm only)
Colors (Mens) Black/Charcoal all sizes, Black/Galaxy Blue (3mm only)
Colors (Womens) Black/Twilight, Black/Charcoal, Black/Pink
Warranty One Year Limited


Men’s: XS, SM, MD, ML, MLL, LG, LL, LS, XL, XLL, XLS, 2XL, 3XL

AquaFlex Wetsuits (Men's)


Height (ft. in.)

Height (cm)

Weight (lb)

Weight (kg)

XS 5'4-5'7 163-170 120-135 55-61
S 5'6-5'9 168-175 130-145 59-66
M 5'8-5'11 173-180 150-170 68-77
ML 5'9-6' 175-189 165-185 75-84
MLL 5'11-6'2 180-188 170-190 77-86
LS 5'6-5'9 168-175 175-195 80-89
L 5'10-6'1 178-185 180-200 82-91
LL 6'1-6'4 185-193 185-205 84-93
XLS 5'7-5'10 170-178 190-210 86-95
XL 5'11-6'2 180-188 195-220 89-100
XLL 6'2-6'5 188-196 200-225 91-102
XXL 6'-6'3 189-191 210-235 95-107
3XL 6'1-6'4 185-193 225-250 102-114